Hall of Honour

The Guitar Man Hall of Honour celebrates and recognizes our current and old students as well asĀ coaches around the world. The Hall of Honour inductees have demonstrated a love for performing and visual Arts and made a difference in Music, Dance, Art and Languages. The members of this group share a common motivation that inspires others.

Hall of Honour Inductees have:

  • Studied or Coached atĀ Guitar Man Music, Dance, Art and Language School.
  • Demonstrated notable achievement in and/or through their performance and entertainment skills.
  • Made significant contributions to music, dance, art, drama and language education.

Our Inductees for 2013

Philip Kleinhans

Mr. Philip Kleinhans has been a great asset to our school by his willingness to always assist, with any task including logistics and transportation. He has been active in promoting Guitar Man on radio and on stage. He is a well-known musician in Klerksdorp and works hard to help young students develop a love for music and the arts.

Our Inductees for 2012

Doctor Kritzinger

Doctor Kritzinger has been a great contributor to our school by his willingness to always assist, play and help Guitar Man in music concerts and performances. He is active in the local music scene and tries to promote music and the arts in Klerksdorp.