Music School Coaches

Dr Gerrit Rademeyer

Dr. Gerrit Rademeyer, director of Guitar Man has been a leading member of the music community for over twenty years. A master guitar instructor and educator with a MMus degree from the University of South Africa specializing in the guitar, he has a passion for coaching the guitar and teaching. This was the reason for starting a music school with the motto: WE WILL ROCK YOU! 

He completed all his guitar examinations Grade 1 to 8 with Trinity College of Music, London and received the Certificate of Special Merit for this achievement. Gerrit later also received the Performers Certificate in Guitar from Trinity College, London. 

After joining the Senior Staff Army Band in 1992 he passed the musician, senior musician and principal musician examinations. He was chosen by the SA Army Directorate of Music to study in England and received the Certificate in Band Studies from the Royal College of Military Music, Kneller Hall. He holds the following degrees: BA, BMus, BMusHons, MMus, PhD and DDiv.

Dirk Swanepoel

Mr. Dirk Swanepoel started playing the drum set under the guidance of local drum teacher the late Peter Webber 12 years ago. After spending a few years working through rudiments, jazz independence and sight reading he met up with two of Pretoria’s wildest guitarist’s Dirk Pretorius and Ewald Struwig whom had moved to Klerksdorp at the time. The band Loogaroo was formed.

After a year of composing original tracks Loogaroo hit the gig scene and from there on the support started growing for progressive loud music in Klerksdorp. They also performed as a resident band in Edenvale for over a year. Dirk was also invited to Beach Africa Durban national battle of the bands representing OFM and getting airplay on 5fm radio. After Loogaroo Dirk and Pretorius started a two man show called Bonzai Kitten Which received acclaim for technicality and complex song composition.

Taking a break from the gig scene Dirk decided to refine his playing in Randburg with top drum educator Georg Voros. After spending months with Georg learning the free-stroke, heel-toe and Moeller techniques he moved back to Klerksdorp ready to apply all the knowledge learned. Dirk started teaching part time independently working with drum students for over two years while starting local band Glimpse of Sanity. They are currently busy recoding there first full length album. 

One of Dirk’s dedicated students, Juanrè Barnard achieved second place in a Johannesburg drum-off in Fourways and he is currently playing for up and coming Gospel band Revelation. Although Dirk is well established in a hard rock genre he’s also busy working on electronic lounge composition and drum & bass with acoustic drum parts.

Dirk completed his Grade 8 (Drums) & Grade 8 (Singing) at Trinity College Music of London.

Nicholas Lehmann

Mr. Nicholas Lehmann developed a love for bagpipes at a very young age. He started learning the pipes at the age of 11, tutored by the late Bill Robertson who was a member of the Blackwatch in Scotland. 

Nicholas performed on stage with the band, Strathmore Pipes and Drums. They played at a number of local parades, street festival and functions in and around the KOSH area, as well as performing with the Zephyros Youth Wind Band at the city hall. Nicholas has been playing at the MOTHS Association for the past 20 years.

Philip Kleynhans

Mr.Philip Kleynhans’ love for the guitar developed at an early age while he was in Primary School. Hispatience is a remarkable attribute when it comes to passing on the guitar playing styles that he has perfected over the years. Philip was educated by the University of Life and has achieved a degree in enjoying life with honors.

During his service in the SA Police, Phillip played to members of the force while on deployment. Currently he performs with Stefan Lubbe at dances, weddings and other musical performances as a rhythm guitarist.

Andrea Nortje

Andrea Nortje started her musical education in 2006 at the age of 10. She had her very first guitar lesson at Guitar Man (acoustic, electric and bass). What started out as a hobby, soon became an obsession. In 2012, she passed her UNISA Grade 4 Classical Guitar exam with distinction, along with her Musical Theory Grade 3.

Andrea has a passion for Blues music, and is currently studying a long forgotten style of acoustic blues, called Delta Blues. She is strongly influenced by musicians such as Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Chris Stapleton and Robert Johnson. Although her heart lies with the Blues, she is also professionally trained in other styles such as Rock, Jazz, Metal, Country and Gospel.

Steffen Kade

Steffen Kade was born in July of 1989, Steffen always had a very strong affiliation to music growing up. He eventually started playing guitar at the age of 13 in March of 2002, and quickly latched onto Rock greats such as Guns’ Roses, Van Halen and Motley Crue. Those sounds resonate in a lot of the music Steffen has produced since then, notably the 2008 album he recorded with Singled Out titled “Prepare to Count your Dead” and also the current music he’s recording with his band Mavrikk, their album “The Greatest Hits” should be out by December 2014. Steffens biggest influences are Richie Kotzen, Eddie Van Halen and Jason Becker. He is also the lead guitarist in the Oase Church worship team, with plans to record, release and tour an all original worship album by mid-2015. Steffen has over 10 years’ experience in all things guitar, and with a diverse palate for music and a keen ear, is heading into what may just be his best “musical” years yet.

Wilmie Zwanepoel

Wilmie Zwanepoel is presently a second year BMus (Baccalaureus Musicae) student at the Northwest University in Potchefstroom. Her love for music started when she began playing the piano at the age of eight. Over the years her love for music grew as she went on to take lessons in guitar and violin. She herself took guitar lessons at Guitar Man. Some of her achievements include playing violin for her High school’s ensemble (three years), as well as the Northwest Youth Orchestra. She passed Grade 5 in music theory, Grade 4 in violin and Grade 7 in piano through ABRSM (The Royal Schools of Music). She also participated in various Eisteddfod’s in which she received high points for her piano- and violin pieces. She is passionate about music, and she would love to share it with the world.